Frequently Asked Questions


How are private sessions chosen and scheduled?

Once you have registered for our retreat, you will receive a welcome letter and questionnaire to provide us with the information we need to schedule your private sessions.  It will be entirely up to you how many sessions you decide to spend with any one of us. 

What can I expect in a private session with Dr. Mara?

Raise your vibration and frequency  with a compassionate, gentle session focusing on your goals, Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I support you in releasing old patterns and ways of being that are no longer serving you.  This creates space for resilience and pleasure, new openings and positive ways to move through your life..... I use gentle tools and essential oils to assess and clear you as well as raise your vibration -- everyone leaves with a custom essential oil blend to keep the healing going long after your session....

What can I expect in a private session with Emily?

In your 1 hour private with Emily, you can expect some time connecting about your intentions and challenges.  The rest of the time will be spent guiding you through a series of appropriate poses, pranayama, mudras and finally an individualized guided meditation.  You will leave the session with the information you need to move forward in creating a more consistent and satisfying personal practice.  

Transportation questions:

Flying into Denver International Airport currently costs around $500.   The Summit Express makes it easy to arrive  at The Lodge in Breckinridge with no unnecessary stress. 

Yoga props:

Summit Sacred R But, there will be mats provided as needed. etreats provides practitioners with blocks and bolsters.  We recommend you bring your own mat.  If it is not possible for you to bring one, please let us know so we can provide. 

Ski questions:

You are in luck!  If you are an avid skier and EPIC pass holder, you will have access included to the local mountains. The shuttle from The Lodge will get you into town for free, where you can hop on a gondola and head up to the trails that await!